My Experience with HFMD

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Well, you can find a lot of information on what are the suspected symptons, treatment and preventive measures. Why isn’t there anyone describing how does the sick person feel? Awful, that is definite, however, how awful is awful?

I probably caught the virus from my God daughter, Raelyn on last tuesday. The most likely scenario was by carrying her when she was sneezing in front of me and her saliva all over my hands. So by last saturday, 4 days later, I was down with fever and sore throat. In fact, I was running a fever of 39 degrees which never occur despite I had fever before. Seeing the symptons from Raelyn, I went to see the doctor on the day itself and told doctor that it might be HFMD and asked if there was anything I need to take note. As the rashes havn’t occur, the doctor can’t confirm that it was HFMD. Returning from the clinic, I took my medication and went sleeping the whole afternoon, something that I don’t usually do as well even when I was sick. You see, even when the medication says it will cause drowsyness, I normally won’t fall asleep still. So this time was again, another unusual for me. In fact, I slept through the whole satuday night as well. On sunday, I woke up with my fever going down to 37.5 degrees. Finally, I thought, the fever was breaking. I went for my favourite food downstairs and my tea suddenly with a craving. However to my disappointment, I realise all the food and drink didn’t taste good. In fact, it was horrible, I checked with my hubby but he said otherwise, I realise my taste bud was sending me the wrong signal. Realising that, I opted for simpler meal for dinner but my appetite is just turning worse that I can hardly eat.

On monday, I woke up with a temperature of 36.9 degrees. I thought, well, I was fine already with no rashes or red spots. It was only later that I realise my soles of my feet hurt and as the day went, it hurt more. A quick check showed that I had red spots all over my feets. I took a quick visual check on my hands, maybe just a few red spots. So I guess I just ignore it and quarantine myself despite I can’t find any ulcer in my mouth. As evening came, I realise, my throat was hurting so badly that I could hardly eat, it felt like heating sensation each time I swallowed, so I went to the doctor again. This time, he took a check in my mouth and said it was not my throat that was causing the problem but rather all the red spots were at the back of my mouth. So he gave me medication for my throat to help relieve the pain. Likewise, I realise all the red spots on my sole were hurting. It felt like little sprinters in your feet but with over 50 sprinters at your soles, you can imagine the pain that I have to walk slowly and take each step with caution. So again, I lost all appetite for food and counted down to the days where I can step out of my guarantine soon.

By tuesday, the pain was still there on my soles and mouth, however it felt much better as I had medicine for my throat. As the day went, my throat got better. By end of the day, I was hungry and ready to eat again. So on wednesday, I was up and my appetite. I had an early lunch and took my first solid protein food after so many days, chicken chop! In fact, it felt so nice, I guess after days of my maggi mee and marconi, this defintely tasted good. So by thursday, you bet I am counting down to friday and weekend. I kept myself busy all this while with some spring cleaning here and there in the house, also did some online learning over sales strategy over YouTube. I manage to have some time to seek the Lord as well, so I guess is a mini break for me to rest my soul and start all over again. 🙂

My hand had little of the damage


See my foot, that was where most the the damage were


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