Cavalia (21 Sep 2014)

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Finally, I get to watch it. I must say is a magnificent show with close bonding shown between human and the horses. They interact well and played with the horses, after each trick done, the performer will pat the horses individually giving them the due respect and love. The whole show lasted about 2.5 hrs with 30 mins interval.

Oh, also, forget to mention this is my early birthday gift from My Beloved Ang (MBA), he said after spending so much, I didn’t mention about him. Still loved my Ang, you know I am forgetful ma. :p

See, this is where it all started, I bought the tickets – Rendez-Vous VIP Silver which enabled us to have a simple lunch before the show followed by a 30 mins stable tour after the show.


Stage all setup and ready.

The Stage

Before going into the theatre…


See all the hands with HPs busy snapping away, they have up to 11 horses at 1 time on stage together…

The Grand Finale

Not forgetting my souvenirs and buying the toys for my niece, nephew and myself.

My Souvenirs

View the horses in my Gallery:

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