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I have a lot of “dream” stuffs wanting to get my hands on. This also explains why I started my own business hopping that I can earn more to buy the things that I like. First of all, a BMW is my top most wanted list. 5 series if possible, if not, at least a 3 series.


If I can afford a 2nd car, then a “Peugeot” convertible should be. Who says you have to stop at 1 car. Better still, get a LEXUS for my hubby. Haha!


Yes, I am greedy, I admit, which explains why I have to work hard and smart enough to get what I want. And that is only the 1st thing on the top list. What’s next? Read on. My 2nd top most wanted list will be a flat, condo, bungalow, whatever you call it. A house to call my own, my own furnishing, my own decor the way I wanted it to be. How achievable is it? Can be easy but I will always take into consideration of others that at times things turn out not the exact way that I wanted it to be though… Anyway, we are not living with ourselves only; there are still other people besides us, I think we can only make the best out of it?

Next on the list is to be able to travel at least once a year?? I like travelling to visit places, learn about other people’s culture. How they make a living? What kind of life they lead? You can also say it is a form of appreciation, when you see other people leading a life not as good as you are. You learn to see from another point of view, appreciate better. Enjoy the finer things in life. When will that be? Soon, I believe.


Ok, these are my 3 top most wanted items on my list for the time being. Too big a thing? No, by then, it will be a realisation board, not dream board anymore.

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