Fire Works – 23 Aug 2008

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A memorable night since we bought the tickets to watch the NDP Fire Works with both families, mine and my hubby’s family. A challenging task for both of us knowing both families are of different pace meaning to say, my hubby’s family is the fast motion type. My family is the obvious opposite, not to mention, the comments after the show is different as well. We meant well to bring them out to see the fire works instead of watching it off the TV, the atmosphere, the effects of it is totally different when you are there watching it and seeing off the TV. It is a spectacular view but then again, some people might appreciate it, some do not.

It voices down to each other understanding towards one another. You being nice to someone do not mean that it will be appreciate by him or her. Then again it is an experience to go through it and have a better understanding instead of not trying it at all. Or to someone else, they might not even try it in the first place.

Anyway, I did film a few of the fire works. Shown here is a link to YouTube are the 2 out of 4 videos I film.

My verdict – Think it is a better experience if we go with our friends instead. My hubby agreed too. Haha! 🙂

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