Mid Autumn Festival 庆祝中秋

 In Motherhood, Titus Low

Since having a child, every festival just has its added new meaning to it, more so for them to immerse and enjoy. Not only that, also more work for us, though we are not complaining but happy. This year, we have been asked by his childcare to handmade an eco friendly lantern. I was like, “Huh! How can he make 1, is as good as asking me to do.” :p

Well, I told my hubby and we went to Google for it individually. My hubby suggested to re-purpose a plastic water bottle and put in the lighting with handle. I was discourage as I don’t mean that we must win but at least put a bit more effort to it. So I suggest using ice cream sticks to create the structure and using the glitter that I already had to stick on. I found some pictures of the idea on how to go about it and just 1 day before it. My hubby sat down to work on it, with no time to waste we had to make it work.

Finally after 4 hours of gluing it together, the structure is taking shape. Worrying that it might be too heavy for Titus, we let him has a go with it to make sure it is sturdy enough and not too heavy with it, making sure he doesn’t break it as well…

So now the trick is how to stick the lighting with handle to it and that it will hold well. Finally the day came and he went out with the lantern for a walk around the childcare area. I was glad that he enjoyed it and to our surprise, we won second prize! Well, it is the experience that he get to enjoy and with his friends that make it all worth while.

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