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My second helper just went back abruptly yesterday after being here for 1 month exactly. Though not very long period, our hearts connected. She is quiet, gentle and warm, a nurturing role that I am looking for to take care of my son. However, her daughter got ill shortly last week which seems like a fever infection. Her hubby called a few times asking her to go back and last Wednesday, her daughter was admitted to hospital. Her daughter was crying hard for her mum who is away.

Yesterday I was out briefly before I got a call from my mother in law that the helper was crying so I went back quickly. My helper upon seeing me just hug me tightly and cried. She was very upset, her daughter condition is not turning well, her hubby message to her is just to come back home. I told her I will send you back now. I looked at her, and I said, “You are mother of 3, you have to be strong. Go back to your daughter and tell her mummy is here now. Be there for your child now.” She hug me again and asked about the loan that is still outstanding, I told her we settled it thereafter, your concern now is be there for your daughter, and I asked her to pack up immediately. She was still trying to put away the laundry that she was half way with it and I told her not to bother with it and get packed up.

Both my mum and mother in law helped out with the packing and she was done within minutes. We set off to the agency immediately and I called the agency to notify them that I am sending her back as her passport is still with the agency. At the carpark, I passed her some money and told her I can only help you till this stage. I will try to send you off today if possible even if we have to pay extra for you.

At the agency, they are concerned in serving me as the client for my needs since I will be losing a helper but I asked for them to help make sure my helper can get the next available flight home immediately. They ensured me that they will do their best before I sat down to look at the other bios for my next helper. My helper didn’t have her lunch as she was very worried that she can’t eat so I inform the agency and they get her to sat down for fear that she might faint.

I went through a few bios that had already shortlisted and spoke to 2 before leaving the agency. All this while, my helper was just sitting at the agency staring into the blank spaces, emotionless. I can’t imagine a mum going through this worried sick for her child all because of the heavy penalty that she had to pay if she rushed home now with the loan still outstanding. Sigh…

Thankfully I got a call from the agency shortly after I left that she managed to get on the airplane in the evening and I can only wish her all the best from now onward… As for me, I confirmed the next helper after I came back home as well. Now the 2 weeks wait begins too.

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