Mamma Mia!

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Mamma Mia!

Have I mention to all of my friends that you should watch this? It is no longer on movie already but hey, you got your way to see it, right? Usual plot presented in a musical way, then again, tells of 3 best friends being together having fun even you are in the sixties. Well, who cares. I enjoy it greatly, so does my hubby. So friends, get your hubbies or boy friends to see with you too. No harm done, then again, I think they do envy our girls’ friendshiphood. Is there such a word? Haha 🙂  So friends, will we grow old and still be happy together enjoying each other company? Think only time will tell…


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  • bunny

    I loved this movie too! So glad tt you n kor managed to watch it before it’s replaced by newer movies in the box office… hee

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