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Suddenly I find life is so fragile. Our Singapore weather despite no typhoon or earth quake has been rather peaceful despite some heavy rain that flooded some areas occasionally. Now with 1 more issue on hand, haze! Though is more man-made than nature, but it is causing a lot of problems on us, human beings. First of all, I realise a lot of people are rushing to buy N95 before the PSI reached 400. Are we too kiasu or are we too well prepared that before anything really serious blown over and we are already protected. Then, I realise kids can’t wear it, at least not the normal size one but maybe kid size version, which led me to know, I doubt I can find 1 for my sister’s baby, Raelyn. OMG!! That is the big headache and worrying one. At 7th month now, if you put anything over her face, I bet she will pull it away or lip all around it which obviously make the mask useless already. Though NEA or MOE said that, the young and old or rather senior citizens are more vulnerable yet in my contact sphere, I have heard people falling sick over it already.

Friends who had asthma or cough problems, the haze definitely provoked it more. People with respiratory problems, to the extent of can’t stand up or walk a few steps sound terrible. It frightened me to the extent that is happening to people younger than me. I am not as fit as most people being more on the pump side, yet I manage to ride it out. However, it definitely saddened me that not everyone can do so easily or at least with some protection in place.

Then it also make me realise, at time like this, should you be worrying about your health or your business first? Some companies may stopped delivery services temporary, some may continue or even do more to earn the money at times like this. Which direction should you go? It may seems nice to provide delivery services when people don’t want to step out now but at the expense of other people’s lives. I don’t know what to say… Maybe that’s just me feeling a bit moody?

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