I am Blessed…

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Last Friday night in the Carecell, we played this simple game to say, “I am blessed because…”.

In my heart, I want to say, “I am blessed simply because I am still alive.”. I was reminded by the recent news of Aloysius Pang passing. A fine young man who has so much hope and life in him, still yet to go through the different milestones of his life. However, his journey in life is being cut short, abruptly.

I can’t help but feel sad for him, waking up in the morning seeing the news, I wished it is fake news or spam. However, going through various platforms with different medias all splashing the news, I sadly knew it is real.

I knew the outpouring of tears, the grief that come right after all too familiar. You wished that it is a terrible dream that you can wake up from. You wished that time can turn back for you again, you wished none of that had happen.

However, come the next day, everything remained the same, nothing changed. The sad news is still the same news, the passing is real. God has a strange way of revealing things sometimes even caught you unprepared and unaware.

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