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Yeah, finally got our very own family car after so long. We have shopped around for quite a bit not being sure of which brand or what kind we prefer since this is our first family car. At first, I had my eyes on Renault which seems like great. However, that didn’t happen, so we looked at other brands across in the car motorshow. In fact, Honda was the last booth to go to as it was at the other opposite end.

Then again, by the time we got there, time is running out for us, as the motorshow is closing soon. Also, we didn’t want to make a hasty decision, after all a car in Singapore is a big decision. So we went back and ponder further… Our debate is mainly due to 7 seaters or 8 seaters reason being of the price difference. As for my hubby, he prefers 7 seaters for the added features.

So if you are wondering how long we took to ponder? Almost to the next car show, yes, we re-visit again to bring my parent in laws to take a look since they are likely going to sit in our car too. Likewise, we bring along the little one, our precious to make sure it is something he wants to sit in as well so as not to struggle each time getting him in the car. Guess what, he chose purple, anyway after filtering the usual, black, white, grey or silver and we didn’t want yet another blue car, so I guess that is the only option left as well. Haha! 🙂

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