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I have been persuaded by my client recently to manage a corporate blog instead? I will like to do so but I do have a lot of hesitation. Poor in grammer, the ability to express myself well are some of my concerns. Which is also why, I started this blog. In the hope to improve my english, also it is less stressful coz I am talking about myself only so will not get penalise if I am conflicting.

So the conclusion is obvious, however, I do get tempted to write one given the fact that I do see my clients hesitating at times on subject matters and wish I can advice them on that. However, time and situation might not allow us to do so in that moment, so the blog come in useful to better explain it well or at a later stage. Friends out there, any advice for me? Go or not go?

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  • Daphne aka Huimin

    What is corporate blog? Blog is personal, issn’t it?

  • Chris Baggott

    Do it!!!

    Don’t worry so much about grammer and spelling. What makes Corporate Blogging so powerful is the passion and authenticity that you can’t get from traditional marketing materials.

    People want to deal with people, not with perfect, faceless institutions.

    Blog 🙂

    Chris Baggott
    Compendium Blogware

  • Felicia

    Dear Daphne,
    Corporate blog is where people blog on business matters concerning to their own trade or industry. It’s enabled business owner to communicate to potential clients in a more personal manner.

  • Vivienne Quek

    Agreed with Chris. You will find that your world expanded many times over. I’m talking from experience.

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