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Yes, I converted to Christianity on 13th March 2012 after what it seems a difficult journey for me. Why did I say that, it started way back when I was pregnant in june last year. That I unknowingly pray to God till now how incredibly my baby brought me to this church – Trinity Christian Centre. My baby did, I am unable to tell myself it is just purely another coincidence but rather to believe it is the act of God.

It is also a struggle for me to accept God and to declare it. Why, neither of my family or my hubby’s family believe in it. I am a strong believer of world peace, not that I like beauty pageant but rather I like to maintain harmony and peace in our family. However, here I am doing the obvious opposite, a different religion. See the dilemma that I am creating for myself? I thought of leaving it as it is and not converted for the rest of my life, until perhaps when I die, to have a christian funeral instead. Then again, I can’t convince myself why do I have to wait till then for something that seems so easy for other people and yet so difficult for me.

I can’t make the decision alone. Not by myself, then strangely I was led into it by my baby. Who will resist her own child? Not me definitely, God makes it easier for me to follow Him…

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