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Today I have seen through the email of someone the ugly side of the business world. As, we try hard to please our clients and to maintain a good relationship. At times, it is still the realistic question of how much can you offer me? To be exact, it voiced down to the dollars and cents specific, the money world. In regardless of whether you may have helped the clients before, go through tides with him. Still after storm is over, he will turn around and tell you, sorry buddy, their price is lower. They don’t care if you have value-add to them previously, how you have gone out of the way just to help them. All these are not taken into account except the $$. Sad though but that is how it goes as well.

Of course, some clients are not like that but there are some who are. You may say, we can’t blame them. After all, we are being taught 1 way or another that to make more profits is to increase your revenue and to reduce your expenses as much as possible. So some one out there has got any comments?

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  • Eunice Wong

    Dear Felicia

    The “how much you can offer me or can you offer a lower price for me” are what every customer looks for. I still believe in paying for quality services. If customer could not pay more, still serve them but have limitation to their request.

    However on the other hand do look upon newly startups and companies that really dont do well, it is true at times these two groups require some “price reduction”.

    As you go by you will know who is speaking the truth.

  • Rachel Ng aka Meishan

    hi buddie, frankly.. its a realistic world out there..mercenary and motive driven. however as what PM Lee just said in the National Rally.. we should be going for the best services, not the cheapest. Nowadays, people do not mind paying more for good services incorporated. Perhaps that client of yours has not gotten the message yet. Do not be disheartened. Im sure there are clients that appreciate your work..

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