Another Milestone – Teething

 In Raelyn, Keegan & Raelle Ng

I didn’t realise teething can be quite a scary process. In fact, it can be draining for both the child and the parents. Recently, Raelyn is starting to grow her tooth so on last Friday, she developed fever. Running as high as 38 degrees and even in a daze. She also vomited and was crying quite badly. Still a little baby, quite amazingly when crying, she longed for her mother’s hug and love. How’s cute is that. The question is why would she know that when she felt uncomfortable and the natural response is to get a hug? From her, we see a lot of human natural basic instinct that we longed forgotten or hidden so as not to show our vulnerability. However, from a baby perspective, all she knew is she need a hug from her mother. Even in the night when she slept beside my sister, she also inevidently climb up to my sister stomach to sleep on it, so funny. Think she want to find the familiar environment and comfort when she was still inside my sister’s womb? How interesting is human. And finally after 1 whole day and night of crying, getting cranky, vomiting, fever and even diahorrea a small tiny tooth finally sprang out the next morning.

I can’t bear to think how much more to expect when she had more teeth coming out? As I wrote now, my sister is saying, Raelyn is having slight fever again, most likely signs of more teeth coming? Good luck, baby Raelyn. 🙂

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