Happy Boy and Girl

 In Raelyn, Keegan & Raelle Ng

Well, if you can recall, there is this song called “Happy boys and girls” by Aquarium. In fact, it is so true for my niece and nephew. For little Raelyn, she is into soft toys now, so my hubby bought her a penguin but she pronounced as “anguin” so funny. She still can’t pronounce 2 syllabus properly. So rabbit become “bit bit”, minnie mouse become “mao, mao, mao”. 🙂

See, I have new toy again!!

Raelyn with Penguin

She saw the camera and wrap her hand behind my leg and try to pose for the shoot, so funny.

Raelyn posing

Not forgetting, the little handsome, he is gaining in size. I mean height. :p

Keegan @ 2 month

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