5 Ways to keep your Dreams alive

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Got this from my friend since I missed the service last friday. I personally find it very relevant even for my own personal life. Hope you can benefit from it too. 🙂

– Hold fast to your dreams by having God’s presence
– Keep dream alive by faith, walk with people who can encourage you and not dream killer
– Hang out with the right people
– Saturate your dream in prayers
– Step out in faith serving someone’s else dreams

* Our character has to grow BIGGER than our dream

John 10:10
“… I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full”… is hard for us to have the abundant mentality while living in “storms”….. BUT, storms come and go in seasons…. and we have to cling onto God.

Acts 27 and 28
– Worship God in every situation, as worship is acknowledging God’s ability
– Hang on to fellowship with people in Christ.
– Hang on to swordsmanship, which is the Holy Bible
– Exercise spirit of Unusual Kindness
– Built the fire when in “raining and cold” season
– Shake off the snake (hurt, pain, lies, unforgiveness…etc) and need to pull back from it

Exodus 30:24
– When we pray to increase portion of our life, God bring situation that is out of our control, to lead us to “fresh dependency”
– If you want to see breakthrough, we need to see issues happen that are of relevant to our growth

4 ways of getting breakthrough in life:

1. Learn to integrate / embrace the bitterness in life. God will bring us out from our “bitterness” by His grace, but process us through exercise of faith.
2. Enjoy the authentic sweetness, Goodness of life. But not be ridiculously and unrealistically positive.
3. Stand on our conviction. When problems raise up in our life, we should stand firm and see those situation and problems to be something to make us stronger and grow.
4. Learn to cling to God.. Most of the time we give up too easy and too soon. Problems around us sometimes is God wanting to get our attention during our “turmoil”.. We have to react fast to God so we won’t miss the prophetic time that God has in our lives.

– The moment we are weaken, God will touch us, don’t be bitter with God
– No point resisting God
– Even if God slain us, we can still trust God
– Learnt to be desperate to God

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