You’ll understand when you Grow Up

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Sounds familiar? This is what our parents always like to tell us. Of course, back then I couldn’t understand. However now as I grow older, I think I have realise why is that the case…

Like we always used to tease our parents about their generation of songs, the singers or celebrities. Now the teenages or youngsters in their twenties are listening to songs that we don’t know as well. Imagine just a 10 years or so apart but the difference is so great. So between us and our parents, the age gap is even bigger..

Certain things that I don’t understand or see why now I can better appreciate and see the reason behind it. So is it really that you are wiser to understand now?

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    Gosh… cos we are growing older not wiser to understand better this rationale nw… Why u have to remind me tat we growing older too ??? arrghhh….

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