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As I am in the process of working on my 2nd book now, which obviously bring me back to selling more of my 1st book – To Baby With Love. I had some interesting remarks given by some people. 1 of them say thanks for informing her that I am an author and written a book, she will buy if she come across anyone who might need it. Though nothing wrong with that, even I didn’t see anything wrong with it, because people want to point to the correct people for the correct information. However, just yesterday, another good friend of mine had sold 2 books to her new colleagues which she casually asked. The 2 colleagues are foreigners however they said they had nothing much to do over the weekend since their family are all overseas and they like to read books. Interestingly, my friend also made a remark saying you don’t have to see ghost to read ghost story. Simple as it is, but certainly encourage me, in fact I do sincerely hope that no one had to go through what I went through. However, if you do, know that you are not alone, the usual thought of “Why me?” or “What wrong have I done?” are normal.

Of course, I still expect a “No” answer from people whom I asked if they don’t like reading or give the reason as no time to read. However, on another interesting note, will it be nice to know someone life’s experiences? Or are we too busy always pursing after rich people’s lifestyle or habits to follow from? I hope at the same time, we are also creating our own life experiences to call it our lives.

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