Way Back Into Love

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This is the song used in the movie “Music & Lyrics” released in 2007. I had wanted to buy this album after watching the movie. Reason because I like the title of the movie – Music and Lyrics. It feels just me, my dream, my passion. However, my hubby say it is not worth while buying the album based on 1 or 2 songs (Though he does that too. :p) So I had to put it up here in order to listen to it. Haha! 😉

Anyway, the first one is with subtitles and part of the movie clips. View it, there is a part where Drew Barrymore is talking to Hugh Grant when he is actually wearing ear phones with him and obviously he didn’t reply to her. After that, in the singing, he actually did as request to choose the word that she wanted. Doesn’t it quite relate to us in our daily life as well? We always thought our partner didn’t hear us, however, they did put it into their hearts, it just that they didn’t reply verbally right away. They did put into their hearts though…

Website: http://youtu.be/2vS49_v4ZlU/
The second one is the full version of the song should you want to listen to it without interruption. So enjoy it on the friday the thirteen. Sing along if you know it.

Movie: http://musicandlyrics.warnerbros.com/

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