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The night before I leave for my Hong Kong trip. Managed to finish my work at task. Or at least, done delegation if need to. Heavy heart, heard some not so nice news. Felt helpless! Life can be so fragile at times.. Why is it we always have to lose it to cherish it? Or even worse, when we lost it, we still fail to cherish?

To me, saying good bye never comes easy for me, wish that I can do better? Than again how much better is considered better? Just like someone says, “When is a good point / spot to stop?” Wish that I am less emotional or to be less affected? Seeing my own grandma has made me understand a lot of things. We are very much linked, look alike our parents, even grandparents. A lot of habits, behavious, traits can be seen. Much as I like to think I am unique and original, then again, certain behaviours just can’t hide it. This is the fact, we are blood-related in technical terms.

So if you wish to do anything, don’t wait or procrastinate. Do it now, don’t leave things to regret…

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