Things get tough? Get going still…

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I feel this strongly today, when all my projects seem either on hold, drag or take a twist of events. Feel frustrated, helpless and angry, I tried my best to resolve 1 by 1. Talk to clients, talk to designers, talk to anyone that can help me. At the end of the day, some issues settled, some still undone, some issues disappear by itself suddenly. Then again, I feel a sense of relief, at least I tried my best, I have done what I can. Time has passed again, certain issues will fade off, certain issues will go away by then. My solution to it? Get going, keep going and you shall reach your destination soon…

Oh, I suddenly remember, a brand slogan is “Keep walking”. Know who it is? Not forgetting which trade I am, I do take note of such things. Any idea? Make a guess. 🙂

Reply me in the blog or leave a comment to guess it. :p

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    My guess: Johnnie Walker..

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