There are things in life that can be changed and can’t be changed – Be Happy!

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This quote is heard from me attending a seminar called “National Achievers Congress 2007” by a speaker named Andrew Matthews. He mentioned that –

Instead of us being unhappy with the way things are, why not learn to be happy and contented with it instead?

As some people might have something worse than you. Instead, however concentrate on things that you are able to achieve and change. That will make you happier! Every day a bit, a step at a time. You will achieve it!

This is applicable to relationships as well. We always focus on his / her bad points, why not see his / her good points? That is what initially he or she attracts you, isn’t it?

Source: National Achievers Congress 2007

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  • Lim Fu Chin

    Dear Felicia,

    Great to see that you have started blogging as well!
    Your blog has a very nice layout. 🙂

    I very much agree with being happy and contended with what we have. I have to keep reminding myself that I am very fortunate to have my family and friends. So, I have to take some time off now and then, just to enjoy their company.

    Keep writing… :))

    Warm regards,
    Fu Chin

  • Peiyun

    hey hey….i hope all have been well with you…

    just wanted to drop a note to tell you that i could not have agreed more with what the speaker said…though i am fully aware that it’s often easier said than done…but still, life moves on in spite of what happens

    but i think happiness is not about what you have….happiness is a conscious choice we make every single day…cos there are too many things in this world that we cannot change and has to live with it… unless u have a choice to walk away from the things u are unhappy with…why not make the most out of everything…be it good or bad….

    let’s try to meet up with meishan when you can

  • Felicia

    Hey hey, who have I got here – Peiyun. What’s a pleasant surprise! 😛 Finally, you appeared again. Sure, will arrange to meet up soon…

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