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Just finished a HK drama – 心战. It make me realise the moral of the drama is not to be too 执着. Easier said than done, I always tend to derive the moral of a story from each show or movie. My hubby always says I am too serious, is just a show, finished it and close case. No need to interpret it or anything. However, I always feel there is something that the director wants us to think about. An aim that he or she wants to achieve through the movie or show. Or I am just thinking too much? Well, now I am learning to let go at times… At least I have my loving hubby and family to be here with me. What’s more can I ask for…

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  • Lin

    i watched that show too. and yes i am like u, aft ea show i will ponder what the show is trying to tell us.. there is someting we can learn from dramas, they are not just entertainment! life’s like a drama as the saying goes…….

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