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I am glad that I was able to make it for this event listening to Nick in person. Before that I suddenly had this question in mind. What is the difference between inspire and motivate? Maybe someone can shed some light to it. Nick’s topic is – HOPE.

Nick mentioned that a lot of times, we put a limit to our joy. We will only be happy if we get that promotion, reached that target, did this and that. However, joy can be as simple as going for a movie with your children, playing football with them and etc. He got us to write “ME” on the top left and “GOAL” on the top right to list down what we want for ourselves and what our goals are. I didn’t write anything as I quickly come to realise, there isn’t any problem to achieving our goals. It is just a question of whether do you want to achieve it or not. How desperate you want it to work for you to make it works.

Likewise, he get us to write “I am thankful for”, most of the audience have written, family, friends, faith and health. A quick check shown about 30% wrote health but when ask did they exercise at least once per week. Almost half of the group didn’t do it, so the question is what went wrong? Why if it is your priority that you didn’t do it? Also, he got us to write 3 obstacles that we had in our life. As usual, most have written money, fear and etc. So he asked if there is someone, sometimes, somehow a person who comes along and solve that obstacles of yours, we are suppose to sit down. Out of the 4000 audiences, almost all have sat down except for about 10 people who didn’t, however a quick check shown they mentioned, fear and trust which is again something that can be resolved if it is spiritually, mentally and healing process. So his conclusion is?

When you don’t have a miracle, you still can be a miracle for someone else.
Help people so that you can help yourself! Life without failure is just like a classroom without teacher!

Lastly, his 8 strategies to leave with us and why 8? Because Asian we like the number 8 so he created 1 more for us. 😛

  1. I don’t know what I can achieve until I try
    It is okay to fail, I am bigger than my dreams
    When I fail, I will try again
    Failure = Education
    Obstacles = Opportunities
    Dream Big
    Never give up
    Be thankful

Lastly, I also heard Richard Tan, the CEO of Success Resources shared about his own vision. A very wise, down to earth man I think, who works very hard at his dreams too. He shared that,

To be successful is by DESIGN! Business is a tool to create wealth.
Entrepreneurship is to create something from NOTHING.
Good Speaker vs Mountain Mover (Mother Theresa, India Gandhi, Winston Churchill)
The main difference is mountain mover Take ACTION.

We need persuasion and selling skills to grow and expand last but not least, always be B+ (Be Positive).


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