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It is such a struggle… I have accepted for what had happened to me in keeping cool about it and leaving it to God’s hands. However, today I am going to visit my friend later who had just deliver twin boys. We are “cycle buddies” because we both had miscarriage at similar time and both conceived twin together. I am trying hard to keep my focus on God, yet again I was reminded that my friend won the war and I have lost. I was awoke earlier this morning with a song (My God reigns) in my head with faith that I know I will have a child borned by me. He even gave me a title to my third book! However, I was always thrown in both extreme warfare. What else can I do to keep my focus on Him?

My Spiritual Parent told me I did not lose the battle. God knew that is best for me. Yes, I know, the best is yet to come. I just have to press on…

By the way, if you are wondering what is the title of my third book – A star is borne!

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