Staycation @ Resorts World Sentosa (3 Nov 2014)

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Hehe, a belated birthday gift from my younger sister, but who is complaining, as long as is late and not never. Stepping into Resorts World Sentosa (RWS), we felt like tourists ourselves revisting the island to what we used to know as Sentosa. How times has changed the island, now it is a theme park that we can really say is “happening”. It has various activities catering to different age groups.

Oh our schedule is sure tight with only 1 day to visit the places, we have no time to lose.. Also, is a 1 night stay so we have no time to lose.

First Stop – Malaysian Food Street
11.30am, fill my stomach first.

Second Stop – S.E.A. Aquarium
12.30pm, about 2 hours trip, we walked till we were so tired but it was nice to see the wonders of the sea.

Our own selfie

Probably 1 of the rare few photos that I took


This fish had me and my hubby chasing for a few minutes to take a decent shot. Apparently, it seems to be the only fish of its kind.

Trigger Fish

Can you recognise me?

Puffer Fish

Another unique looking fish

Fish name unknown

Can you see the reason why my hubby took this photo?

Blue Eyes Fish

Third Stop – Checking in at Equarius Hotel
3.00pm and taking some time to explore around.

Equarius - Living Room

Equarius - Bedroom

Soft Toys

Fourth Stop – Trick Eye Museum
5.00pm, it is about an hour for roughly 40 scenarios to take photos.

Trick Eye Museum

Fifth Stop – Madame Tussad
6.10pm, our final stop before we go for dinner, so tired but happy. 🙂

Madame Tussad

Our attempt to create a heart shape wax hands with both our hands

Wax Hands

Last stop of the day was dinner at Hard Rock Cafe before we retreat back to our hotel again.

Tomorrow is a brand new day where we are going swimming.. 🙂

See more photos in my Gallery. 🙂

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