Sleepy Raelyn 2

 In Raelyn, Keegan & Raelle Ng

Raelyn is getting cuter day by day. Now she knew to shake her head when she is full to stop eating. Also, to pull away her milk bottle to stop feeding too. We had dim sum for lunch yesterday for Father’s Day, so we had everyone up and early so was Raelyn. I guess she must be lack of sleep because after that, she slept with me carrying her. Most cases, she hardly get to sleep well in the afternoon with occasional episodes of waking up in fright on and off. So the longest period she can sleep for afternoon nap is about an hour. Therefore I thought I just leave her sleeping on top of me for a while. Who knows, she slept for 1.5 hours, till I feel I can’t breath anymore. So I left her to sleep on the sofa instead, she must be really tired. 🙂

Sleepy Raelyn

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