Sixth Sense?

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Do you believe in sixth sense? Or do you believe the man or lady is likely to have sixth sense? How does it come about? How is it form? What happens when you have sixth sense?

I used to have something of this sixth sense as well. When I suddenly feel uneasy, panicky despite nothing around me seems to be wrong. When that happened, I will normally call home or check some of my friends whoever come in mind. To make sure everyone or things are alright. This seems like one person just being over reactive on things or too stressed out. What happened once when both me and my friend felt the same for a particular thing is the most fearful one.

During my poly years, there is this one day that I am supposed to meet my 2 guy friends and my girl friend. We are trying to pair a couple together so this is one of the few gatherings like others before. What happened is that the guy smoke and obviously does not want the girl to know. Somehow or rather, the night before our gathering, both me and that guy dreamt of the girl coming up to that guy and asked if he smoked. She even wanted to check his bag to prove her wrong. So the next day, which is the actual day, we came out as per normal with the three of us already here waiting for the girl to come. We started talking… I told them about my dream and exactly at the same location where we are standing now is where the dream was all about. To my surprise, that guy said he shared a similar dream as well! Feeling uneasy, he throw the lighter and cigrattes away immediately. Before long, my girl friend arrived. We walked down the lane as if nothing happened when suddenly my girl friend turn around and asked. “Do you smoke? My friend told me that they see you smoking the other day?” My guy friend immediately said he didn’t and asked if she want to check his bag to confirm. My girl friend said no and we continue walking. We throw a sinful look to each other…

Anyway, somehow along the way, I seems to have lost this ability untill recently again. I was very tired one night and thinking of sleeping early. So I went to bed before 10pm. For unknown reason, I can’t fall asleep even till 12 midnight. I have no idea why, given the fact that I am very tired for the past few days. It is untill the next day that I realised why…

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