“Sick” Time or “Me” Time

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There are a lot of times whereby sometimes I wished I was sick so that I don’t need to remember certain things so clearly. Like for example, when my grandma passed away, I wish that I was sick so that I don’t need to know the details and be around. I can “officially” rest at home and ignore the fact that she was gone.

After Titus is born, I do wish that sometimes I can be sick too so that I can take a break and relief myself. Now as I was writing this, I was sick, down with sore throat and slight cold, I realise what I wanted is really “me” time. A time to rest, recollect myself, to pause for a while and take a moment. Last night I attended Constance Lim’s 12 Axioms of Optimal Living Book Launch. In it, she mentioned this, “Success is a unique and peculiar noun. Once you stop being busy for the sake of being busy, you will find the quiet strength, focus, and wisdom to define and achieve your own brand of success. I guess that is something I need to work towards to…

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