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This week has been a roller coaster for me. Firstly, the beginning of the week started kind of slow with me pondering with situation like that. Big companies having problems to survive or just tumbled like that, how does a small company like mine do? Rather pessimistic? Well, I am human after all.

I started a lot of thinking, how I first started, how I survive without a decent pay for months? Where am I 4 years ago? Meeting clients at all weird places, hotels, HDB void decks, coffee cafes, scrap metal garage, ship yard and even hospitals. You named it, I have been to it. I don’t know how I actually started or even went though it. What gave me the courage to talk to strangers over phone calls or meeting them in person without knowing who they really are? It may be an easy feat for other people but it is no easy task for me. I came from an engineering background, took a design course and plunged into design industry as a graphic designer with the idea at the back of my mind, I wanted to be a boss to run my own design firm. I am trained in my industry but not trained as a sales person or business man, neither am I an accountant which is expected of an entrepreneur if he or she is an OMO (One Man Operation). The results? Barely surviving? Tired? Confused?

Am I supposed to give up or tell myself I am not cut out for it? To re-start again as fresh? On thinking back again, I didn’t complain on my this job (if you consider this as my job) for the past 4 years despite the hardship that I went though, which I seldom tell people about it, why? I am still very passionate about what I do, happy to go to places where given my previous jobs will never bring me there. Be it if I will be rich or not later in life, you might never go to some places or you don’t wish to go as well. :p So has this job of mine brings me satisfaction? The answer is “Abundance, plenty”. I have spoken to CEOs of big companies and I mean real big company, up close personal and yet not knowing who they are. I have seen successful, serious and focus people. They are very focus in their business and know what they want and believe me, I mean “really focus”. Till now, it still fascinated me. I have seen people who has no ideas or no inking how to run a business but is all over the places in all trades, jack of all trades? I don’t know. Even recently, I get to know this lady who practically do 2 courses at 1 time and hold 3 jobs concurrently? She is hard up? No, she said she liked to sell…

So what is the conclusion? Hmm, I have a “never say die” attitude. So do you know what it is? Still don’t understand? See the music video… Enjoy! Have a nice weekend ahead.

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  • poesque

    Hi, nice posts there 🙂 express’s recompense the compelling word

  • Liquan

    Wah!! Power leh you! very motivating!

  • Felicia

    Thanks, didn’t realise you do read my blog too. 🙂

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