Raelyn’s 1st Birthday Party

 In Raelyn, Keegan & Raelle Ng

1 year just passed, our God daughter, Raelyn Ng is 1 year old already. She grew fast and is now super active. You can’t take your eyes off her for a moment or she might just fall or tumble over something. :p So cute, we went early to help my sister with all the stuffs to get ready for her first birthday party. 🙂

We took a few photos only to get this one with her smiling. Why? Because she was sleepy already… Guess what we buy for her?

Raelyn 1st Birthday Party

She was shutting down soon, in fact, she slept from 4 – 5pm when the party started and we had to wake her up for it. Lucky she didn’t cry, I think she enjoyed herself too but is super tired after it. 🙂

Raelyn 1st Birthday Party

The party is held at Safra Jurong Evergreen Function Room from 4 – 8pm. Oh boy, is sure tiring man… :p

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