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I don’t really know this till I saw this often in Facebook few years back. Then I know it means “Rest in Peace”. My grandma passed away on 2nd June 2014 at 19.59 after staying hospitalise since 19th May. A total of 15 days is how long she fought for it but had to let go for herself and for us. She was accommodating all the way to everyone by not letting us make the harsh action to reduce medication for her but choose to leave on her own. We had a few scares when there were a few times we had to rush abruptly either in wee morning or late afternoon but each time when the doctor shook his head, she pulled through entirely on her own. In fact not once or twice but more than that. She had also miraculously opened her eyes when my Pastor and Sectional Leader (SL) came to pray for her. Something that she didn’t do so for days, yet did it for that brief moments. Even on the day itself, she opened her eyes thoughtout the whole afternoon, though we were not sure can she really see us but that is what I prayed for from God, to let her see us 1 last time. To let her know we are all by her bedside that she can go without worries anymore, no pain, no suffering. She even have to wait for some of us when she was failing…

Most of the people asked how old is she when she was hospitalize, that is the most doubtful question we had all along as well. Her IC is printed as 1927, which makes her 87 this year, however, she said she was borned in the year of dragon, which supposedly should be 1928? Well, no one know the answer already because there is not even a date and month printed on the IC.

Rest in peace, Grandma, you will always be remember!!

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