Car Stories Book


Car Stories by James Ng

Stories of love, crime, ghost, adventure and romance – cars have them all. But how can these stories be remembered, if they are not written down to be read by all?

A taxi-driver's intensive love for his daughter had made him give discount to every Canadian that he picked up from the airport in 'Special Discount'. A letter read by some potential car thefts made them decided not to steal cars anymore in 'Stealing Emotions'.

If not used in the right sense, various crimes can be committed using a car in 'A 30 Minute Taxi Drive'. Accidents can also occur if we are negligent, as in 'The Accident That Changed My Life'.

Everyday adventures tend to be overlooked in 'The Big Apple', 'The Car Of Hope' and 'Outback Adventures' – adventures that we tend to take for granted and fail to give significant credit.

Couples have also been known to tie the knot with the help of their cars. However, cars can also cause you to make a fool of yourself if you don't know how to use them properly.

You tend to appreciate your car a lot more if you know that you will be riding it for the last time in stories like 'Last Car Ride With A Friend' and 'The Last Ride'.

Indeed, there are endless things we can learn from these experiences which can even change your prospective of people or life in general.

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