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How passionate are you? To your career? To your loved ones? Ever since I started this business of mine. I have seen far more people’s dreams and passion towards their goals. The eyes of theirs, the die or never attitude, just to get to their aim. So determined! Likewise, it satisfies me a lot when I can be of help to realise their goals even it is a small portion of it which helped them and touched me. On the other hand, what is your passion? Have you found yours yet? Or you are still fire fighting? Resign to fate?

That is not me, neither do you? Or am I wrong? I have been lucky. I have got lots of friends, business partners who have helped me. People who are willing to share their life experiences to me, their mistakes that they made. Take me along to meet their clients, what’s more can I ask. Thanks for all this, also, to say I am happy and still willing to continue with this passion of mine. Are you?

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