October Baby

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October Baby

I chanced upon this movie accidentally while I was channel switching. It turned out to be a very interesting show. I, myself is an october baby, therefore with the obvious reason, I watched it to see what about october baby. At the end of the movie, there is a short clip about the actress’s confession which stated that, she herself is like her role that she acted in. How amazing…

What is even more amazing is after I checked out the website, I realise there is a verse to it. How interesting…


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  • Ferlyn

    Hi Felicia,

    How are you doing?

    I am wondering for your twins pregnancy did you go for total bed rest?

    I too lost my first born at 25weeks due to placenta abruption and a set of boy/girl twins at 22weeks. For my twins I just went in for a check up as I had the mucus like discharge the same kind I had before tragic happen for my first born. And true enough I was already dilated 2cm, admitted to KKH and did an emergency cerclage but only managed to hold them another 4 days.

    I am wondering if you did go on a total bed rest when you did ur TVC? My gyane is willing to do a TAC for me but also mention that TVC is enough. I am so worried that history is gonna repeat itself. I will be going for back for my so-iui in feb this year.. I have already decided to go in total bed rest for the next pregnancy. But I read up that TVC might not hold the baby at all. Not to even mention of it is multiplets..

    However, there are pro and cons for TVC and TAC. I would love to have a tvcic but gyane say it doesn’t make any difference with TVC.

  • Felicia

    Hi Ferlyn,

    Yes, I did bed rest after I did my TVC only getting up for toilet break and meal time. However, it still happened when my stitch was torn on the 21ww. After what happened, I did an extensive blood test and checks with NUH to understand what might be the real root cause. A few issues came out, I had Impaired Glucose Tolerance (IGT), meaning to say I failed my 2 hours glucose test but not sky high to be considered diabetes but definitely on high risk for it. Second, I did a swap test to discover I had a bacterial infection called Gardenella. It was said that the bacteria is likely to come about when we had hormonal changes, which in this case as suggested, the pregnancy. An outcome of Gardenella is it caused the cervix to dilate irritable and therefore dilating early and therefore might be the actual root cause.

    So for my case, I might have other underlying issues that might cause it such that the TVC didn’t work on me. That’s why I think your gynae might make senses when he or she said TVC or TAC doesn’t make much difference especially I was told by my gyane that he only consider TAC as last resort after a few TVC losses.

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