O Come, O Come Emmanuel (Selah), In Christ Alone (Adrienne Liesching)

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I heard this song in the church today, however, I think I heard it many years ago. In fact, before I even converted. I actually thought the lyrics is “O come, O come, He meant you well”. In Hebrew, Im­man­u­el means “God with us.” What I liked this song is the combination of the voice and the background music which made it so powerful and overwhelming that you wanted to stop everything and just to listen to it. The sermon today is Christ brings Hope, Joy and Love and most importantly Salvation. He is a Faithful God. Have you receive it today? Also, another meaning to ChristMAS – Christ My Awaited Saviour. 🙂

This first one has some video images to view but without lyrics.

The second one is with lyrics, the actual one that I saw in the church today…

Another song that I heard today, in fact the Pastor said today is going to be an interactive sermon, we didn’t understand what he meant. After a while, we soon realise what he meant, he got us stand again and again, either to sing worship songs or to read verses. Then again, I think we enjoyed, this kept us focus and prevented us from diverting our attention away. Well done!!

In Christ Alone

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