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My hubby and I managed to have our freedom and space when his parents are away in Hong Kong this week. It’s been quite a while since we spent some time together, thought he can’t afford any more leave. We get by with our daily works and spend time together in the evening. Simple things like having a dinner, washing laundry, cleaning the house also need planning and scheduling of time. Obviously, these are not quite the stuffs we are used to doing it. Then again, there is a start to anything. Though he admits that he doesn’t really like doing household chores, neither I like to iron clothes. We split the works and get it done promptly, coz my mother-in-law have high standard on household chores. :p

Just start to make me wonder, what actually happened to newly wedded couple when they just got married? Given the fact that, I stayed with my in laws the moment I got married, I didn’t really get to experience it. Did they have lots of free time or busy with household chores like us? How did they get by when both are working and no one doing the laundry? Simple things but necessary, right?

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    yes my dear…..for us, we kind of split the household chores….he cooks, i do the dishwasher & clean up…i do laundry….he does vacuum….we both bring the dogs out to pee & poo, depending on our work schedule….he brush the dogs clean…i play with them…lol…it can be hard at times, since we both working…but if u wan a clean and nice home to go back to, i guess these r the things that needs to be done….^_^

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