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I have been attending networking events for my business for about 3 years now. As usual, recently, I attended an event co-organised by Singapore Manufacturers’ Federation (SMA), Asiaone and IE Singapore. There was a lucky draw and I am lucky enough to win a $50 cash card. Not a big winning but at least something, also to reward my consistent effort to go for networking session. More photos shown here:


I do learn a lot from these networking sessions besides knowing some clients from there and getting potential leads to follow up. There are always different speakers arrange to allow us to gain knowledge besides just getting together to exchange business card. This is also the most common misconceptions that we just go for the sake to exchange business cards. Of course, there are people who go solely for that purpose as well. However, though all these networking sessions, I go to places where as a consumer or end user, I will not likely be able to go or reach certain places unless by invitation. I am talking about convention halls like Raffles City, 30th level at OCBC Tower to see the city view, top notch spa in Paragon and etc. So it is not just about the exchanging of business card but rather the exposure, the eye opener to be there at that time. Not forgetting, the talk given by the speaker that you learn from and take back as knowledge.

So having 2nd thought about attending such networking events? Always shun away from your company events or activities? Think again…

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