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My hubby and I attended her sermon when she is here today in Singapore though an encouragement by my friend who sms to ask me about it. Simple message but powerful. I was expecting to pick up a few verses so I can use it when I am pregnant again to remind myself so I was taking down notes.

2 Cor 9:8, Gen 1:28, Rom 5:12

The 3 reasons why we miscarriage or having fertility issues
1. We live in a fallen world and death enter through sin.
2. We are fallen men
3. There is an adversity

To God, all are just different sickness and illness. Simplicity is the word, just receive Healing through Jesus who shed the blood for all our sins and sickness.

Gen 17:6, Exo 23:25-26, Deut 28:11-12, Jer 29:4-6, John 10:10

Thief come to steal, destroy and kill but God heal and restore!

Thought simple, I was overwhelmed, suddenly I was wondering why does it make it so difficult for me. For most people, either they have problem to conceive or they have problem carrying it to full term. For my case, I seems to have both issues. Even when come to pointing root causes, most people who have CI don’t have twins and vice versa. I have both scenarios together. Can’t I have a simpler problem, a simple project to solve?

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