My Dream Car – BMW!!!

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Finally it is not a dream anymore but a reality. Everytime we walked pass a BMW, I will always envy and know that we will have one in time. However, my hubby always say we can’t afford it, it is too expensive already. I will always brush him aside saying in time we will have it. Soon the time came, we walked into a BMW showroom casually last month thinking to see where our “goal” is. However, my hubby had something in mind, he had a model in his heart already. He was eyeing the new model – 2 Series Active Tourer. Well, like what most people say, the rest is history…


See how this is taken with the horses…

BMW Blog

Not to say, now this image is my desktop wallpaper on my laptop. 😛

BMW Blog

This is what we call, 人车合一

BMW Blog

Well, I havn’t get a chance to drive yet as my hubby is driving it. Technically, the car is his because is registered under his name. So I am just the driver. I guess I just have to 拍马屁 on him more. Thanks my Ang & love my Ang 🙂

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