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It has been 2 years since it happened, what have I been doing during this time? I took the whole year of 2013 to nourish my health back. I had TCM for almost 6 months, saw a high risk gynae, dietician and a doctor to monitor my glucose that is if I am pregnant again. A lot of doctor appointments, follow up and discussion on plans to move forward. However nothing can materialise or happen until I am pregnant. So what did I do during this period? So in sept 2013, after all the tests and reports, I was told to lose weight to keep healthy. So I did exercise on regular basis on my bike trainer, took the dietician’s advice to cut down on all my carbohydrates intake. Every bowl of rice or noodles was cut into half portion. Soon it paid off, I lost 2 kgs each for 2 consecutive months. I was excited and to show off my results, however it went stagnant after that. In fact, to make it worse, christmas was just round the corner and with Chinese New Year coming shortly thereafter, with all the feasting, you can imagine. I did put on 1kg back.

Still entering 2014, I was active on my exercise, however no matter how I did, it still didn’t budge. Also, as you can imagine, by then, I was quite bored with my bike trainer already. So I went into swimming and circuit training. With new friends to exercise with me, you bet I was motivated. Likewise, my original plan was to go for IVF earlier this year, however, I change my mind last minute, therefore I am taking this year off as well. So in order not to waste my time while waiting, I must do more to lose weight. It had indeed paid off with my exercise regime varying on different intensity, I lost another 2 kgs, about 1 kg per month. Despite slower but at least I am moving ahead and not backward. Not only that, I also tried to eat healthier cutting back on my soft drinks and snacks. Well, I still snack but lesser frequency, I am still human and like to indulge once a while right? My target? Another 4 kgs to lose, hopefully I can achieve by year end, else at least before Chinese New Year next year. 🙂

Also, I had been getting in touch with some non profit organisations to do volunteer works and also in some plans to do some talks as well. Hopefully it can run smoothly and I will announce it in time to come. Not only that, during this time, I met a lot of people sharing with me on their own experiences as well. I believe it is all for a good reason for us to share, motivate and encourage each other in the life journey of ours.

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