Merry Christmas to All Friends!

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Christmas 2007

Hello, fellow friends. Recently, I got to know from one of my ex-colleagues who is also a good friend of mine that she has been viewing my blog on and off keeping me in her loop. I have to say a big “Thank You” to her in advance. However, I urge those who do read my blog to leave a comment or reply so that I know who you are out there. Also to show my appreciation to all my friends who are still keeping in touch with me. Merry Christmas to all in advance!

From me & my hubby who has also been viewing my blog all this while as well. 😀

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  • Rui Shan

    FL jie, you have little gifts under the puny x’mas tree already? looks like you are all set to welcome your friends over for the catching-up cum log cake session! lol

  • Rachel Ng

    22… u knw im always reading ur blog….

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