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I had an interesting conversation with a guy a few days back, he asked me did I like to write? Frankly, a simple question yet I don’t know, but I have been blogging for several years now which I know some people have already stopped blogging like I do now. It probably started way back in my secondary days when we have this trend to write a diary, I guess that is where I started. Also, one of my family relatives reflected that I always write serious stuffs on my blog, I should write something fun and light hearted. Haha, it does struck me because for those of you who know me, I definitely don’t come across as a serious person but a fun and humorous person. So I guess, the blog did reflect another side of me that I didn’t know or realise. Also, some people have been asking me did I write weekly or daily and etc. Frankly, I don’t set any schedule but just write when I feel like it. So did I like to write? Maybe you can tell me? 🙂

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