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Know what you are doing? Your aim and why? It is sad most people just wondered around aimlessly. I am one who like to do things with reason and aim. So I find it quite hard to convince myself when people do things aimlessly as they wish. Then again, there are times that you do not want to think and just do freely as what your heart tells you, not the logical brain. Of course, you can take your time to think about things but not too long or forever. In today world, everything moved fast. Before you can make up your mind to decide on things, it could have already moved passed you or that it is over. Some people might like to do a few things at one time then decide which one to go ahead with. Whatever the case, make up your mind, focus and give it your best shot. Why? There are always people who are better than you or does it faster. So if you are not even focused, what is your chances at it? Of course, they are people who have a different opinion, you prefer to diversify. Sure, there is no right or wrong answer. It is just your own belief in the ways of life. Afterall, there are also different ways to live your life as long as you are the one to decide on it.

So here we are in year 2009 now, have you decided on your focus of the year? If not, better start thinking now before time just fly pass you again? What is focus for the year? Give me your thoughts…

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