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Just got a call from my friend today to learn that my secondary friend – Jean had left us already. My impression of her is she come from a rich family background, however, she is neither proud or arrogant. In fact, she is kind, friendly and generous. She always bought us food such as “M&N” chocolates to share with us to eat. Despite it maybe junk food but back then, it filled our stomach and warm my heart. On occasions when we always have to skip our recess session in exchange for more time for upcoming test thereafter. We would bought a few sheets of cuttlefish that cost 20 cents each back then and starved for the rest of the day. Seeing this, she would buy a whole pack of at least 10 sheets of it and to share among classmates. She is unselfish and generous despite we didn’t ask her to do so. Despite later 3 of us joined the military band in the secondary school, however she always lend her support by coming to see our performance and etc.


Though she once envy us that we can lead a normal life, get a boyfriend and get married which she can’t. Fear not, you will be able to do so in your next life and better yet with good health! Don’t worry, all 3 of us will live our lives to the fullest, so that you can get to see and share the joy with us… Farewell, my friend…


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