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I am sure that everyone dreamt about something. Either after you wake up, you forget everything or it is just stuffs relating to your daily life. Sometimes I wonder what is the purpose of these dreams? For my case, most scenarios are frightening ones, either I am being chased by killers for unknown reason or I fall off a building. So I woke up in the morning feeling fearful and uncertain. Strange? No idea..

Some people will say that is because you worry too much about the things in your life, therefore when you sleep, it extended the amount exponentially. However, the question still lies. Why do we dream? What is the purpose of dreams? To give us an indication of things? To re-ensure us or? I guess being human beings is an amazing thing that you explore your life with your own angle and perspective? This morning, I am so deep into my dreams that I didn’t even hear my alarm clock till it rang for a whole 10 minutes. That is not me, not my typical style. I always wake up the moment I hear my alarm clock. So what is it suppose to mean? Hmm…

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