Don’t look back at the Past

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Got this quote from my friend.

Don’t look back at the past but live in the present moments!

Thanks, much comforting…

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  • Eunice Wong

    My Dear Felicia

    Dominic is now an angel and he is watching over you and your husband. He is in a place that has no sorrow and no pain. He is a beautiful angel and he is much better in that beautiful land than our world.

    Dominic wants his mummy and daddy to be happy.

    So be strong and move on and Dominic lives in your heart and mind always. For me I will always remember Dominic Low because he is your first born and your first beloved child.

    And You, Felicia is my special friend and my “sister” 🙂 forever.

    Take care and prepare for a “miracle” that is going to happen soon and you will always be in my prayer list.

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