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“Discipline” I am sure most of you know what this means however to master it is an ART. It voices down to how committed and focus are you? Many people will have some goals setting targets or some ever give up about goal setting cos they are never achieving it. Really what went wrong? Busy, tight schedule or poor time management? Or simply lack of discipline, just how determined you are at achieving it? Some people wanted to be successful in life, in career, financial freedom and envy those who achieved it. However, how many times have we heard from these successful people saying that their secret to it is just what we are doing in our everyday life? Just repeating and repeating on what you are focusing about and you will get it!! So the question boils down to you failing to achieve your goals due to lack of time, opportunities or is it that you are just lacking of discipline? Something to ponder for the day? Or you just don’t get it…

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  • Walter

    Discipline is good – Discipline combined with Creativity thrills!
    if A=1 and B=2 etc Attitude is 100 and Discipline is 100 as well, so Attitude and Discipline gives you 200%

  • HuiMin

    Ya…DISCIPLINE! ~ The younger ones lack it, the older ones procrastinate. So, if I still lack of it now, I am the “young” one then ;P

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