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Is designing just a nice piece of artwork or some fanciful stuffs being exploited by clients? Pardon me, I have to say this, client, to do up a piece of artwork also require our effort as well. It is no lesser effort than what you do in your own professional or industry. The effort is neither less or easier.

Image charging an artwork of $200 but it stretch across months, changing round and round just to please you, that 1 client. Is this consider easy? Put yourself in my shoes. There is no fix and fast rule in design. Likewise, the same layout that you like might not fix into yours. Therefore, it is not just a standard word or excel file that you can say, put in “ABC” fonts and at that font size and it will works. Much as we wished it could just work magic, the truth is it doesn’t.

How about the struggle in working late nights? Some one tells me, my industry always needs to work late. Doesn’t we not? Ironically, with the technology going faster and computers operating at higher speed, aren’t we being expect to work and make changes faster?

So clients, please give us the respect that we deserve as well. We are just as dedicated, serious bunch of people than you are too. Just as you shared your passion and committment in your work, we do too. 🙂

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