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I had just gone to “Sammi Cheng Love Mi World Tour – Singapore” last night at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Among all singers and artistes,Love Mi - Sammi I like her the best. To that, I can appreciate her works and efforts better, maybe because of her fun characters as well. Then again, this is my 2nd time going to her concert and as I grow older, I tend to want to see more and appreciated more than just a performance. I remember the last time I went, I am impressed with the lightening, the arrangement and stuffs. This time, I went, of course it is still impressive which I think that is the 1st layer. However, I want to see the 2nd layer as well, which I believe is what are her thoughts or emotions is going though her mind when she is singing this or that song and etc. Especially for her case, she went though depression, embraced god, both bad and good times. How does she see her life or future in time to come.

She sang the song of the movie 長恨歌 that may indirectly caused her depression. My admiration for her which I believe she had long since got over it. Likewise, she sang some songs relating to Christianity, no wrong in that too. I believe when someone embraced something they believe in, they want to shout it loud and announce to the whole world which for her case, being a singer, obviously she chose singing to do that. So on 1 hand, I am listening to her singing and on the other hand, I am watching out for her face expression or even any tears in her eyes or not to give me a tinge of idea how she is feeling at that point in time. Most artistises tend to tear or cry on stage when they sang certain songs that evolve some sad thoughts or emotions. To that, I am happy to say, Sammi didn’t do that last night. I believe she is happy now, likewise is her inner self. 🙂

Bravo for Sammi and three cheers for her too. Yip yip horray! Yip yip horray! Yip yip horray!

Also, her information posted here, as we grow older, you want to grab hold of the things that you love dearly.


Oh yes, just for the information, the tickets are bought by my hubby knowing that I will love to see Sammi’s concert. So he took the liberty to buy the tickets first then “booked” me for a date to go for it. Hehe :p

Also, the news report attached here from “我报”.


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